• - Colour Technology Platform -

    Paink™ is a groundbreaking colour technology platform, born from curiosity and limitless creativity. By exploring how people use creative tools and colors, we make products that are break-through in their design, technical composition and application properties. We ask how we can add novelty, originality and creative freedom - and then we make just that.


    Our portfolio offers creative solutions for a range of markets and industries. Discover our collection: 4 formulations (and counting), 1500+ Pantone & RAL colors, one revolutionary technology.

  • - Cosmetics -

    Introducing new colors and metallic effects, supreme durability without damaging your skin.

    Paink™ Cosmetics is a new and innovative waterproof water based formula conforming INCI standards. Bright colors, long lasting and easily removable.

  • - Stationery & Creative -

    Paper and Textile and Glass – oh my! And that’s just the beginning…

    Our Universal formula adheres to all materials, at high colour intensity and opacity. Use indoor or outdoor, benefit from the UV and heat resistance and waterproof properties. Personalize your shoes, fridge, car… and make it permanent or remove it with our eco friendly Cleaner whenever you like.

  • - At home decorating -

    High coverage and light scattering effects for various interior and exterior materials.

    Supreme coverage and colors, quick drying time and dazzling retro-reflective metallic effects through a play with light, to decorate your living or working environment.

  • - Industrial -

    Increase safety with the Paink™ 180º retro-reflective color portfolio.

    Apply to any material to permanently increase visibility in dark areas. Available in all colors, at an adjustable light-scattering intensity.

  • - Paink™ Technology -

    All our formulations are water based, non-toxic, sustainable and multifunctional.

    Because we want to make sure our products work for you, we can add, switch and customize.

    Water based

    High opacity


    UV resistant

    Satin finish

    Fast drying

    For indoor and outdoor use

    Adhesion on all materials

    Removable from non-porous surfaces

    Permanent on porous surfaces and textiles

    Non-toxic & Solvent free

    High color intensity

  • - Applicators and packaging -

    Exceptional flexibility in the applicator tool or fluid dispenser of your choice: markers, brush pens, pump sprays, bottles, airless bottles, droppers, cans, stand up pouches with spout combined with creative in-store and webshop packaging designs.

    With our dedicated partners every demanded quantity can be produced with flexible production lead times.

  • Limitless Creativity

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    Our curiosity is endless. Stay tuned for more radical activity and reach out to join the movement.

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