• - Colour Technology Platform -

    Paink™ is a groundbreaking colour technology platform, born from limitless creativity and the relentless quest for progress. By exploring how various industries use colours and application methods, we make products that are breakthrough in their design, technical composition and application properties. We ask how we can add novelty, quality and optimal results - and then we make just that.


    All Paink™-derived formulations are liquid, highly adhesive at optimal opacity, color intensity and coverage, on almost any material, textile or fabric.


    Our portfolio offers creative solutions for a range of markets and industries. Contact us for more info on plug-and-play formulations to add to your product portfolio.

  • - Textile (incl. Screen Printing) -

    Optimal opacity, color intensity and coverage on all types of both dark and light textiles and fabrics. Fast drying, no additional fixation process (i.e. ironing) required.

    Supreme adhesion, even on difficult materials, such as 100% synthetics, leather and skai. Optimized for screen printing.

  • - Stationery & Creative -

    No EUH208 labelling required, for all age groups and almost all materials and fabrics.

    Use indoor or outdoor, benefit from the highly adhesive properties, at optimal opacity and coverage. Personalize your shoes, fridge, car, the neighbor's dog… available for a plethora of applicators for DIY use.

  • - Cosmetics -

    Colours and metallics with supreme durability, suitable for children (3+ years) and adults.

    Paink™ Cosmetics is a product line of long lasting skin-contact liquid formulations with highly waterproof and smudge proof features.

  • Limitless Creativity

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    Our relentless pursuit of innovative color is endless. Contact us for unique opportunities in your industry.

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